About Me

Here is a favorite picture of myself. Surrounded by Jawas and R2 units 🙂

My name is Tom Chavez; I am an artist and lover of robots.

Thus, I decided to create this website blog thing dedicated to my art and comic strips of robots.

I was born in California, moved to Rhode Island when I was 2 years old and now I currently live in Portland, OR.

Please check out my Etsy shop for current products such as prints, stickers and more! All made by yours truly. If there is anything you don’t see or are interested in purchases, please contact me!

(miniature self-portrait)

Here are some links to other social media accounts where I display art and the such:

Deviant Art: http://tombotvez.deviantart.com/

Instagram: @tomchavezart

Twitter: @tombotvez

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